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Outset On-board weighing systems for Wheel (Front) Loaders

On-board weighing systems are used since early ’70-s for mining and transport sector. Weighing system installed onto an Earthmoving machine, or a truck is very important for

Weighing systems for Earthmoving machines mainly based on measuring hydraulic pressure of lifting cylinders, and controlling the movement of showel and arms. Wheel loader’s on-board weighing systems separated into two bunch: one is for controlling loads (maybe print out weighing datas), the other is for legalized trading.

Outset Extra Technology – not only for control weighing!

Small E.T. is one of the best economical weighing systems.

Easy and economical:Outset Extra Technology

More features: graphic display, very small dimensions, Total and Present Load and Number of Buckets Load, Tara, Target (Max) Load with red-yellow-green light help, beeper, Total Reports, 10 section for Material memory, Self-diagnostics function, very easy installation

Outset Vision Evolution – new generation in onboard weighingOutset Vision Evolution

This equipment is also usable for excavators, wheel loaders and fork-lifts too. The very very accur dynamic weighing (best +/-0,3%) keeps this as the highest quality onboard weighing system on market.

Vision Evolution is soon by homologized version.



Tamtron Pro Plus series

Tamtron is one of leader in EU giving onboard weighing sulotions to customers. Very massive and reliable systems foo all type of applications. Tamtron Pro Plus series
Basic PRO-100 Plus with two memory fields (Customer/Truck or Material/Custormer) already has all important features for legalized weighing: speed and slope compensation (upto 13°!), as well as several bucket can be calibrated.
Extended PRO-200 Plus has 8 memory fields and Pro-300 Plus versions have data transmission feature: for USB, WLAN, GSM/GPRS or Internet.

Tamtron is a good solution having the best on reachable price.

RDS LoadmRDS Loadmaster weighing systemsaster weighing systems

English RDS develops weighing systems mainly for Agri market but 9000i is a very good equipment for weighing wheel loaders’ buckets’ load. As it is to be  legalized, the small memory fields give limited use.
Pricing is very low against weigh is very reliable, most of well-thinking private owners choose this one to buy with smaller budget.


Pfreundt weighing systemsPfreundt weighing systems

Pfreundt is market leader in most of European countries with its very massive and reliable weighing systems. WK-series gives long-term recover though their higher prices.

WK-50 has three models, the two top types can be homologized and gives very quick and reliable weighing results.

The new p-Series of Pfreundt (p-Smart and p-Control) are for the future giving smooth operation and very wide range of features. Oil temperature control, special printers  and complete data-manager system helps operator and user on daily work.