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On-board weighing on Trucks&TrailersOn-board weighing on Trucks&Trailers


Truck and/or Trailer on.board is built onto vehicle by manufacturing or posteriorly, and have two main types. One is axle-load systems (they are mainly dispersed) and the others are truck&trailer weighing systems (weighing the complete vehicle).

On truck even off-road-trucks these weighing systems are installed onto its rigid or penumatic suspension. Sensors built into suspension system fo truck and the up-to-date electronics supply weighing data into the display in driver's cabin. Driver so can watch all loads loaded online. The high accur weighing avoids driver and owner having fines and penalties, more times the redundant loads.

Truck and Trailer Weighing systems

OUTSET Lanx Blu weeighing systemOUTSET Lanx Blu weeighing system

"Accuracy and precisity is our advantage"

Lnax Blu gives optimal and economical solution for weighing a truck, or a truck with a trailer. The display of Lanx Blu installed diretcly into driver's cabin, and displays online loaded weigh on truck. Weights can be seen on display in netto/brutto even axle-by-axle. Highly precise sensors built into air-suspension system of truck/trailer gives real data to tiny computer in cabin where large graphic display show them. NAvigation between datas is easy by pushing only one button.

The easiness and profitability of systems gives very short recover for the owner of the truck.


Easy on-board real-time weighing and display while loading

Loads are always legal, capacity of truck is always 100%Truck

No back-way from weighing bridge to quarry/loading-place

No empty kilometers

No fines or penalties from overload

Longer lifetime for trucks and trailers, less maintenance costs

Flexible finance for fleets

Automatic connection management for
detecting unlimited semitrailers

OUTSET Lanx GLOBAL on-board truck/trailer weighing systemOUTSET Lanx GLOBAL on-board truck/trailer weighing system

Lanx Global is the most developed weighing system on market, with refined graphic display where all important informations of truck and trailer load can be seen. Weighing is automatic and real-time for axle loads, brutto or netto weights in the truck. Lanx Global has several options as printing weighing datas, or RF modul for remote display, even connetion to GPRS/GPS fleet-management systems (load-online).

Advantage of Lanx Global beside LAnx Blu having all load information on the same display, easy to read.

Weighing on slope ground also very precise so use many of wood and mining company these systems.

Options are important for owner giving safety and correct liquidation between commercial partners.

OUTSET VIPER axle-load system

Viper is a very economical, easy-to-use axle-load system. Three-digit display shows the real-time load on the axle even netto, or brutto. Direct calibration makes Viper so staunch and effective partner.

Advantages:Viper III. Rear-tipper WeighingOUTSET VIPER axle-load system

Viper II. Axle-load Control: Wiehing realtime load of the axle installed onto. Accuracy: 0 +/-2%

Viper III. Rear-tipper Weighing: displays load in the tipper. Very easy to install and can be use for all type of tippers. Alarm for overload in two setable leves. Accuracy: 0-3%


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