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Services And News

Beside supplying Product our company offers several Service to its Partners too. Services And News

So our company quite tiny but for the last years we reached the highest confidence and appreciation of our Customers who always can count on us.


fisrt we do not trade but represent:

There are special services we offer:
Planning and Designing
Planning and Designing: by knowledges learnt form MAnufacturers and Customers, and by decade experiences we engineer and design Lubrication Systems of our Partners Machines'. not only deliver needed parts but take care fo individual requirements, environmental and professional facts. From several type of experiences we can compare systems, and also can show systems alive to interested technical colleges.

Logistics: The items of orders we deliver as fast as possible to Partners (even 12hours), and if local prepare/check needed we offer the fastest service for this. Also we give guidenance of installation requires mainly we bear. Sometimes delivery is done by our staff for the shortest and most compatible service.

Management of Lubrication Systems
Management of Lubrication Systems: Beside designing new lubrication systems we usually survey the existing lubesystems, giving technical advices, or detailed technical documentation too. We take care of all existing lubesystems of our Partners by diagnoctize parts of system, repairing broken lines, etc. EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service gives a long term safety for Partners' production. Also do re-designing, expansion or homologization of lubrication systems as requirements. Our services not only cover the automatic lubrication systems but manual greasing technology is also in focus. Standardization of manual lubrication also give much profit to our Partners.

Training for Profession: As our Representative work on Dropsa thaTraining for Professiont is very important for us the correct operation of managed lubrication systems. We take much much care of train the employees of our partners about lubricaiton systems they use. Give much technical and user manual documentation in Hungarian Language for better understand.

Installation and project management: Our highest-skilled staff repair, install or maintenance almost all types of lubrication systems even oiling, or greasing too. Intallations always complete with control or technology.


Servicing and Warranty: For the installed or managed lubrication systems, for the sold lubrication units and spare part we give normally 12 month warranty, optionally give 24 or 36 month. Further of warranty period the spare parts is supplied even for decades after installation, and offer service on correct market rates. Our mobile service staff works all around in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Austria too.