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This page is for giving newest information about lubrication technologies, or about our new developments. These are partly from our experiences, partly from our Manufacturers' experiences. Also try to introduce the best technical solutions of our competitors too.

First highlighted MQL technology is Dropsa's Vip4Chain system. This Minimal Quantity Lubrication equipment summarizes all features that ever invented for the best lubricaton and contorl of systems. Vip4Chain is unique: contains the advantages of oil-mist systems from 70's, contains the advangatge of 90's air-oil lubrication combined with the newest contorl of air and oil flow for the chains, or bearings. Oil-mist system are over in the EU that dissolved oil for micron ol elements and damaged health circulating in the air of the plant and damage environment. This new technology supplies oil uses less air-pressure so not drops out the tiny oil-elements.

Dropsa Vip4Tools and Vip4Chain family 

Newest technology not even spares much oil or treat enviroment but contains very precise and reliably control lubrication. Dropsa Vip4Tools and Vip4Chain family are opotimal solutions for permanent oiling and defence. The Air-Flow control helps adjusting right quantity for lubrication as well as controls the system for failure.

We isntalled for several Hungarian companies these MQL systems (e.g. Faurecia Emissions Ltd) where earlier handy lubrication made much waste of manufactured product. Introducting new oiling technology we could speed up productivity (no breakdown time) with 30%!! The number of waste product is almost zero.

Testing by several other automotive companies the system honoured its promise and had succesful test results for any application we installed.

Watch video of operation here>>>

Soon we put to market our new developed Railways Track Lubrication system. Thanks to our cooperator engineer Mr. Gyula Illes we invented a new type of lubrication system for greasing railways track curves. The base of the lubricator is Dropsa Bravo grease pump that is extended with a special electronics: electronics controls the axles of train, temperature of track, supplied grease quantity. Railways Track Lubrication system

Railway track usually in bad conditions without lubracations. The wear of the wheel of the train is quite easy to repair, or changing wheel of wagons is not a real techncal problem. But repairing or changing track elements causes big trafic jam, takes very high costs for the railway companies. This unit will solve this problems for longer time because cost of track and wheel maintenance will reduce radically and millions of Euros can be spend for other purposes by railways.

We have a very big international importance for this application: Railway Company from Austraila, Check Republic oor from Italy sent interest to test this new, and economical track lubricator.

EZSK Track Lubricator have two different fersion: one is operates from 230 V voltage, the "mobile" one works with Solar-energy supply.

The sepcial designed lubricating bars feed the grease right between the track and the wheel giving maximal lubrication performance before the curve. Wheel of train covers the greas on the track for hundred meters ensuring maximal protection for track and wheel too.

Watch video of operation here >>>

Test results were perfect: the first three test systems gave incredible results and the german principal were satisfied very much. As first calculation the cost of the test instalaltion already recovored in the test period.