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Micro Lubrication Systems

Micro lubrication systems got into focus of Maintenance by inventing Perma’s gas-cell lubricator.

Individual machines (like ventilators, electric motors, pumps) or machines only with a couple of lubrication points to be lubricated by high pressure lubrication system is too expensive, the return of investments is too long.

For automated lubrication of a single point is perfect solution using Perma, SKF or Pulsarlube single-point lubricator. The low-pressure, gas-driven lubrication cell – though it is very easy and cheap – has its own benefits but in some condition (vibration, cold, etc.) can not be used.

The most updated versions of single point lubricators has higher pressure with more reliable operation from this.

Pulsarlube takes care of precisely set pistons, electronic controlled dosing and switchable worktime (shut-off available) makes the best of this lubricators on the market.

The “S” type, spring-force lubricator as cheap as possible, and gives easy solution for greasing bearings.

Developing old “Staufer-greaser” Pulsarlube invented “S” spring lubricators. It could be a tiny “automatic greasing system” however it is so simple and low cost no one would say “system” for that. The dispensing of grease is supplied by spring-force from lubricator and also the vacuum of the bearings it is set on. A coulple of Euro’s eco pricing makes this very successful for longer time maintenance.

The “C” and “V” type electrolit-driven lubricators gives long term safety for greasing or oiling individual lubrication points only for some ten Euros costs. The illuminating LED shows the correct operation or gives warning on lubrication fault. Installation is very easy and fast. The IP67 protection allows even under-water operation as well. High resistance from resonance or temperature also important features of these type of new lubricators.

By developing single point lubricators Manufacturers invented the electro-mechanical driven micro pumps. Pulsarlube “M” series gives the advantage of earlier types of micro-electric pumps but supplies much more important features:

The standard “M” type already have all of this important features. EX version is for fire-protected areas, MSP version is synchronized to machines PLC system – by supply voltage, start indication and control-feedback of greasing.
OL version is a very economical unit for automatic oiling of 1 upto 8 lubrication points with sinlge row manifold divider.

The electro-mechanical Pulsarlube micro lubrication systems are available with empty cartridge, or filled standard, High-temperature, food greases or oils, or we supply filling from our customers’ own lubricant.

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