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Lubrication systems and technologiesLubrication systems and technologies

On these pages we try to introduce and help our Partners the select the most efficient lubrication systems by our 15 years experience of engineering and managing. Since 6 years we design, repair and install automatic lubrication systems for Lincoln, Vogel and Dropsa. This time is enough experience to give advices and instruct our partners’ specialists. Also give interesting information not only for professionals too.


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Manual Greasing, in effective ways

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Trainings on Lubrication Systems

Field of lubrication now is a very diversified and great part of science (Tribology) what covers the lubricants, lubrication applications and systems, also their effects too. We as “hardware” specialists mainly offers the logistical systems of the lubricants but if needed we can give advices for other fields too.

Technologies of Centralized and Automatic Lubrication (Grease and Oil Lubrication)

-    Progressive lubrication systems
-    Dula line (2-line) greasing
-    Micro lubricators and Minimal Quantity Lubrication
-    Oil Circulating Systems
-    Chain lubrication, open-gears and conveyors’ special lubrication

Maintenance technology

-    Dosing and and feeding systems for lubricants
-    Filling systems
-    Diagnostics on hydraulic and lubrication systems
-    CLs for Tooling machines
-    Chemicals for professional maintenance

-    Automatic Single Point Lubricators and Micro Automatic Lubrication Systems

By application field we offer greasing and oil applications for

-    Mobil Earthmoving, road construction and mining machines
-    Cement and heavy industry, steel companies
-    Automotive and suppliers
-    Tooling industry and metal processing
-    Machine constructors and producers
-    Print press companies
-    Rubber industry, tyre production
-    Food and beverage industry: brewering beer, aqua, etc., food processing companies, canning industry, etc.

In case you have any other application or interest please do not hesitate to contact us.