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Weighing System for ExcavatorsWeighing System for Excavators

From year 2011 we offer a very brand new range of most innovative excavator weighing systems. As being manufacturer's Representative we have many references and satisfied customers with these scales. The new technology based on update electronics reaches never seen functions and features for the new models.

Vision Evolition from Outset Italy can handle the control of any excavator's load. It weighs automatically with high precision displaying the lifted load in bucket, also the total load on the truck.

The dynamic principle give maximal freedom for the operator as by loading from deep or as loading for high places too. The quick weighing do not need stopping the boom ever!

Operation pirnciple of Vision Evolution is based on developed electronics so highten itseld from competitors units: from gigant coloured graphic display can be easily and quickly read weighing datas, the user-friendly navigation wheel helps very quick and precise operation of the weighing unit.

The built-in communication equipments the weighing datas can be send even on-line to central office of the company, or can be printied out with pushing only one button. The memory datas also easy to use: datas fields can be handle in normal excel file on computer, and later easily upload them into weighing unit, also weighing datas can be transferred to excel via the SD-card system.


Extended options can be the rear-camera (for safe work), or the camera can be installed onto the boom working in deep holes (what operator can not monitor). 

The new gravity sensors and hydraulic transducers are more precise than any competitors'.

When slope load must be the Vision Evolution has special feature for refine the accuracy easily.

Vision Evolution   Weighing System, rear-camera for safe work   ydraulic transducers