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EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service


Requirements of big industrial companies our company also worked out its news service pack, named EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service - Lubrication System Operation.

Contant of the package is the operation of the automated lubrication technologies in their plants, by monthly/quarteryearly monitoring and - if needed - repair we ensure the safe operation, safety and optimality of the greasing or oiling systems.

This service gives calculable costs for maintenance and safety, though our staff carries the problem of monitoring, repair from Maintenance Staff's shoulder. We operate correctly all high-value machines' lubrication systems.

The Warranty Plus+ Service has a great succes by our old and new Customers agreeing many contracts on this.

Purposes of EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service:

By smooth, safe and reliable operation of lubrication systems of our Customers we ensure the lowest cost coming from individual break-downs and wear.

Periodically monitoring on systems
Content of Service Pack:


After the first total year implementation we can say that the good-prepared diagnostic system works really well, and highlighted many unknown problems. For the newly installed greasing or oiling systems we offer the EuroScale Warranty PLus+ Service automatically for the first teo years of the operation. Our agreed Partners (Heineken, Danone, AGC, DDC, Dreher, Faurecia, Nemak, etc.) recommend this to their brother-companies so EuroScale Warranty Plus+ Service is an international service too furthering us abroad. This year (2012) we  have been contracted also to Slovakian and Checkish plants of these Partner companies too.

The Warranty Plus+ Service not also recommended to industrial companies only but we worked out also for mining- and construction industrial companies too where automated lubrication and low-cost operation is important.