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Let’s be one step before the Requirements and the Competitors

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Dear Visitor!

EuroScale Mobiltechnika Ltd founded in the beginning of year 2009. Before, our managing director spent more than 7 year in practice of lubrication systems and also 3 more years on the field of mobile weighing systems. As financial crisis start in 2008, based on the successes on internet forum, necessitated to go forward in private practice with this perspective profession. Basing onto these knowledge and experiences, many of Partners and Customers clustered around our young company’s practice.

As normal we also had baby-diseases in the beginning: must clear the offered portfolios, widening the professional product range, and organizing continuously the company as well as increasing the quality of services. After the basic changes and reorganizations, by the end of the first year we reached important position on the market, and became the market leader in some segments.

The main targets in the beginning were the service for Centralized Lubrication Systems, later – in the summer season – started we sale the on-board weighing systems in Hungary. At least more than 30 systems were sold out in 2009.

Beside the continuous field-work we learned more and more new technologies, and searched for new pathes on the market, trying to improve the product range. For the second year we built up a really “hard” offer.

    Dropsa product were introduced and set off many other brands with very market-conform prices and marvellous range of products and applications
     With Outset’s weighing systems we conquered new and existing markets from less flexible competitors, othed hand we developed very many new applications required
    As became representative of the lubrication fittings’ producer we offer the widest range of spare parts on very nice prices for our end-users and wholesale network.

Turnover for 2009 we achieved 150.000 EUR that we did not planned before.

Year 2010 was of the year of technical and personal developments being the highest skilled service company to our Customers. The dynamic increasing of the projects effected more than 40% income.

We became a member of EBSZ - the Hungarian Earthmoving Sales and Hire Comitee, worked out our new service-pack EuroScale Warranty Plus for maintenance CLS systems for long time periods, and invented many of new applications for lubrications.

Who knows us they already know, wh not will discover what is the key of this incredible advance:

    Loyality to the profession we do, to our Partners and Colleges
    Agile and moder marketing, what is not only a slogen: we really see the problems with our partners’ eyes and offer reliable solutions
    Good work no without mistakes but mistakes are to learn more, and if they know by us and corrected, it is an experience
    And before anything: trainings, learning for having the most of the professional knowledge

For year 2011 prognostized more increase what is to thank for the new products, applications and for the base we made earlier:

EuroScale Warranty Plus Service: operate all lubrication systems of our Partners, with periodically repair and maintenance
    CRC chemicals for the professional maintenance, where the quality is also important beside the prices
    Micro CLS systems what are very economical solutions for less lubrication points

Now in 2012 we established our service company named Librax 24 Ltd who is the most flexible and effective maintenance staff all over Central Europe, and open our new office in Slovakia where many old and new Partners became more closer as earlier.

Let us be tried, so our guiding principle:

“Let’s be one step before the Requirements and the Competitors”