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Centralised lubrication systems on mobile applications

Centralised lubrication systems

The automatic lubrications is really dispersed in agriculture, mining or transport vehicles. CLS systems are operating from electrical power supply of the vehicle’s battery, and the compact pump units constitute an important parts of the machine.

The pump is an integrated unit, including the grease reservoir, the driving motor with gear, and the (generally) piston pump, as well as the control panel board automating the dosing. On earthmoving and agri machines mainly used systems supplying grease NLGI 2 class that is feeded to the distribution system dispersing lubricant towards the lubrication points. The developed systems are using sc. Progressive distribution principle, some older producers builds dual- or single line distribution for controlling the flow of the grease.

Because of open field or extreme conditions operation the lubricant function is morely the sealing the bearings, nuts, less requirements the decreasing the friction. The correct sealing is the duty of the automatic lubrications system via refilling the lubepoints with hard grease periodically.

Centralised lubrication systems

The low pressure, single line systems are not able to avoid bearing for longer time though the fluid grease (it can supply) quickly flows away from nuts, and can not seal this. Practically for this applications should select high pressure lubrication systems (250-350bar) that feeds the hard greases even in extreme cold conditions.

By mobile applications should take care not even the quality of the lubricant, but precise design of the system or the tubing for flexible, moving or turning parts of machine.

Centralised lubrication systems

The well operating CLS system is not even carefree. More user disregards these systems, many times even the refilling of the reservoir is forgotten so the safety of machine could not be done. The systems should be periodically diagnostized (conditions of tubing, pump pressure, etc.) suggested yearly. By this diagnostics we check all active and passive elements of the system, measure the pump operational parameters, the distributors and repair the tubing hurt.

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