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Chain lubrication

There are several type of chain exist from single row to articulated pulling chains. As many type of chain as many problems to lubricate but there are common features of technologies.

All type need optimal lubricants and lubrication for the longest lifetime so this field of lubrications is also as nice as various.
The chain – from viewpoint of engineering – one of the most complicated technical unit, against it seems very easy. Many times chains are running without any lubricant and dry running makes much problems to  production.

Unbelievable but chains always have at least 6-6 lubrication points per element. Both side the plates connecting elements have different movements, the rods inside and the outer segments need to be lubricated, or reduced noise or cooling.

Against new type of chains and used material all chain need lubrication!
The optimal lubrication not even reduces friction, makes longer lifetime or noiseless operating but also reduces energy consumption of the transfer.

Advantages of optimal chain lubrication:

Usable chain lubricants: for chain lubrication today only used oils. Effect of grease lubrication however would be good but grease keeps contamination on chain making abrasive mass on it. Good quality chain oil have high adhesive features, not disperses in quick curves  and have very good penetration.

The manufacturer of chain usually orders what type of oil to be used, what re-lubrication period. Most important features from lubricant:

After installatoin of dozens of chain lubrication system we can say we made thousands of Euros savings to our Partners...